Tashi Barnett

Tashi is a talented and innovative executive assistant, project manager and trusted advisor with over 15 years experience working with executives in global Fortune 100 companies. Prior to Assistant Studio, she was at Dolby Laboratories for 8 years. She is highly experienced in coordinating meetings, conferences calls and special events, including arrangement of logistics, meeting spaces, communications and catering. Tashi has proven analytical and problem solving abilities from identification of an issue to implementation of a solution, and provides the highest level of support to her clients.

Erika Kaspar

Erika is a respected veteran entrepreneur. Prior to Assistant Studio, she founded 3 companies Enviroseal, Keith & Associates and Kaspar and Lugay, LLP. Erika excels in strategic planning and business development. She has strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of more than 15 years.

Kaspar has demonstrated the ability to help companies increase agility to fuel growth and competitiveness.  Her vision is to set attainable aggressive goals to assemble, retain and support superior teams committed to ever-increasing profitability.