Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just go to the copier and make another one of you so you could get twice as much done? Well, the idea is not as far-fetched as you might think.

Using today’s technology, it is possible to multiply yourself with a virtual personal assistant and it is only a login away, and it is more affordable than you think. You can have someone to answer your emails, answer your phone when you’re in meetings, return voicemail messages, set up appointments on your calendar and then pull together the necessary files and documents you need for that appointment.

Imagine that your last client, that you gave your full attention to and did a great job for by the way, referred you their friend who is in the market for your service. This new prospect wants to learn more about how you can help them and they ether call or emails you.

You are busy giving another client your full attention, but still, the new prospects call or email gets answered by your virtual assistant who is able to schedule a meeting between you and the new prospect because they have access to your calendar and know you have blocked out Tuesday and Thursday mornings and early evenings for new prospect appointments.

Further, your virtual assistant knows the information you require to be gathered from the new prospect so that you will be fully prepared for the meeting. Your Virtual Assistant is able to ask a few questions from an intake form you provided them just for this kind of situation that provide all you need to know to go prepared for the meeting and win the business.

All this has taken place while you were busy serving your existing client and giving them your full attention. It used to be, you would get out of your appointments concerned about picking up voice mails and return they calls while driving back to the office. You never did feel safe to drive, make calls, look at your calendar on your smart phone to set an appointment, while trying to remember details or worse yet – take note about the new prospect. Now it’s different and safer.

Rather than being in a panic and checking messages, you drive safely back knowing that you got a notification on your smart phone that you have a new appointment. Additionally, when you get back, you find in your email is a link to the presentation package that your virtual assistant has fully prepared because they asked the necessary questions to make you and your presentation look good.

The presentation package is not a generic sales presentation, rather it is customized to the prospect and their needs. Your virtual assistant has spent hours preparing everything and in 5 minutes you are able to review it, find its just perfect and print it out in color and bind in inside of another 5 minutes.

Think about how you do currently do business, if you had a virtual assistant like in the example above would you now be able to go to more appointments, close more business and make more time and income? The key to the ability to have virtual assistant is knowing that they can do anything that can be done on a computer and a phone. Leaving your job to attend the appointments. This maximizes your time and is probably a lot more fun – right?

By my estimation, a virtual assistant will take about 60-75% of work off of your plate. Most people initially find it hard to believe that they could have highly motivated, dedicated, hardworking, highly educated, enthusiastic staff. Our innovative team permits your business to run better and lets them avoid traditional personnel issues.

How would you be able to multiply yourself and take advantage this opportunity? It is easy to get started – go to